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Who is Anjali Dwivedi?

Anjali Dwivedi is an International devotional Ladies Singer From Bareilly, India. She Sings Bhajan Songs, Kirtan Songs, Bhakti Songs, devotional songs, and Jagran Songs.

She is Working with T-Series, a Music Video Record & Film Production Company Based in New Delhi, India. She is One of the Best Ladies Bhajan Singers in India.
All the songs sung by her were very much liked by the people and on seeing Anjali Dwivedi become famous as an actress, some people started connecting her with the film field whereas her aim was only to sing religious songs.
Anjali Dwivedi ji released a devotional song of her own which very soon spread across the country and this song got a lot of love since then Anjali Dwivedi became a religious singer.

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Priceless words

Thoughts of Anjali Dwivedi


जब हम सभी के राम एक है, श्याम एक है, 

फिर हम क्यों बटे हुए है। 

पहले राष्ट्र बाद में कास्ट 




- जय श्री श्याम, जय श्री राम


जिनके मन के भाव सच्चे होते हैं, 

उनके सब काम अच्छे होते है। 




 -जय श्री श्याम, जय श्री राम

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